>Fundamental Information & Scanners of Indian Stocks

Lot of people find it difficult to find information for companies they choose to invest.
While in US mkts there is a flood of stock scanners, screens and what not we do have a scarcity.

Here are some links you can use to make some priliminary scans.

AMFI for MF Info
To know what mutual funds are doing and How much new money they are rasising visit this.

Kotak Company Data
Enter the company name and hit search and follow the links.
There are some similar pages to this.. I find this as most comprehensive.
You can see past 5 years annual results.
Last 4 quarterly and semi-annual results.
MF's holding this scrip.
Directors and Chairmans Speech.
Company history.
Raw Material needed, cost and same for finished goods.. and more..

EquityMaster Screener
This is a cool screener. Try your hands on it and you may get expertise soon.
You can create a lot of conditions and scans.

To know what MF's are doing to some stocks in past 6 months
The link is for Infosys. U can use the search edit at end of page and find for your stocks.

ICICI-Direct Screens
The main page for re-searching on this site is
ICIC doesnot offers a great scanner. U can search for only one parameter at a time.

Some predefined scans which are useful are:

Cheapest Stocks of Large Growing Companies
Stocks of companies with mark cap>1000 Cr. that has a profit of 20% ,P/E <20>

Poor Man's Stocks
Stocks in Sensex with highest dividend yield,Lowest Price-earnings ratio and lowest Price.

Medium and Large Cap Stocks with high dividend yield but low P/E ratios.

Distressed Stocks
Those Companies with mark cap > 100 Cr. and stock prices near 52 week low.

Top Profitable Companies
Those companies with highest growth % in profit over the previous year

For Custom Search use this link

If you know more sites/pages which has similar useful stuff do leave a comment.

Here are some new additions which I never used earlier.
This is from Toughiee and Nitya

For information on particular companies
Put in the company name and search.

To see sector wise peer comparision (which is quite good and unique)
This two are also good.

Update: 27-01-2006

Enter the company name and search.
In the result you get you would see two more links.
Compare this Company
Peer group comparision


nitya34@gmail.com said...


Aditya Ramachandran said...

The only thing harder is to get good financial statements for companies that pass the screen.

I usually use SEBI's EDIFAR but some companies just don't publish annual reports there or even on their own sites. Moneycontrol has 5yr history only, that too condensed

Sometimes ET (economic times) has more info than SEBI which is just plain not right!

Anonymous said...

IDBI paisa builder site also has excellent Fundamental Info. Worth Checking www.idbipaisabuilder.in