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Some of the interesting topics are..

Then and now
Inder Verma celebrates the recent success of India's biotechnology industry, applauds the increased investment and looks to the future.

Biotech boom
India's thriving biotechnology industry is threatened by a change in the law. Will the current high levels of investment be enough to secure its future? K. S. Jayaraman finds out.

Vaccines on trial
One of the largest ever vaccine studies is under way in Kolkata. Paroma Basu uncovers the benefits, and difficulties, of inoculating 60,000 people against cholera and typhoid fever.

India's drug tests
Drug companies are converging on India to conduct low-cost clinical trials. But is it ready to become the outsourcing centre for the world? T. V. Padma investigates.

Science and business are racing to tap the 3,000-year-old system of medicine for new drugs, says T. V. Padma.

Breathing life into biology
Mriganka Sur says that life sciences will prosper in India once research and teaching reconnect.

Coming home
Reagents may be slow to arrive, but the freedom to explore his own research interests more than compensates. Satyajit Mayor is thriving in India.

Rivalry and red tape
Researchers are suffering as a result of the conflicts between funding agencies. T. V. Padma uncovers plans to heal the rift.

Among the best
India's life-sciences institutes are rewriting the rule books for research. K. S. Jayaraman finds that they are focusing on higher standards and enterprise.

The coming epidemic
A staggering 5.1 million people are estimated to be HIV positive in India. Apoorva Mandavilli finds a country on the brink of a crisis.

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